Tales from Tripoli

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Tripoli is a crazy place, from the moment you land to the moment you leave it's hard to get used to. As a north African/Arab state it really is a mixture of cultures, combined with the ancient flows of peoples such as the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Ottomans, the Italians, the Spanish and so on. As a people they are fabulously friendly, warm, curious, helpful.

As a city... The traffic is mad, three lanes = five cars, pavements are crumbly and dusty, plastic bottles everywhere. But hidden wonders too. Moments of peace and tranquillity to be found amongst the madness.

This post is a short one for now, I shall put more pictures up soon but the one above was one of my favourites, the moon shining above, the palms gently in the breeze and the simplicity of the mosque. A moment of peace in a city of madness.