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Posted by the Fashion Editor at Large

The "Armadillo" shoes at the SS10 McQueen show were jaw-droppingly amazingly weird and wonderful. Not even a brave experimental fashionista could wear them for a night out without fear of breaking a bone, you could see that in a blink as extremely focussed on not falling over models made their way along the catwalk. So I knew that if I didn't go to the McQueen press day I would never see those shoes again. Apart from maybe in an art gallery or museum. The PR confirmed the fact that these shoes were NOT going into production. So here they are one more time. I photographed them next to my latest footwear obsession - my winklepickers from Underground. And I tried them on, and walked in them. It was a fun moment. The shoes were created by designer Georgina Goodman at the behest of McQueen. Everything sensible in me says I should dismiss these shoes as a publicity stunt - but I can't help it - I think they are amazing, and I'm stupidly happy that I tried a pair on and had a giggle in them. Basta!