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Just when you thought she couldn't get any wackier (and wacky truly is the best adjective to describe her) Anna Dello Russo goes and releases a fashion music video. A promo tool for her fashion tips segment on Milan's Radio Deejay, it features ADR busting some moves in a Mark Fast dress and DSquared2 ice-skate heels. When we say 'moves', obviously we mean adopting the lotus position in evening wear, doing a lot of pointing to the face and voguing (of course!)

Sorry, did we forget to mention THE RAP?

The fashion rap rules according to ADR: "Fashion should never be comfortable" and to get the look, you need "a fashion shower". We are still awaiting confirmation as to what a fashion shower is, exactly, but in the meantime, we are just grateful to have someone like Anna on hand to steer us straight on the path to style. The world would be a much duller place without her.