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 The Versace clan back in the day: Santo, Donatella and Gianni

This morning the fashion world is all a-Twitter with the news that Donatella Versace has stepped up to the plate as the next H&M/high end design collaborator. Following on from the sell-out success of last season's Lanvin collection, it has been announced that Versace will produce 40 pieces for the international high street heroes, except this time the approach will be slightly different to H&M's previous collaborations. Instead of more 'budget friendly' versions of a designer's contemporary work, Donatella has explained that instead, she will be revisiting some of Versace's most iconic pieces from the archives. ‘For me, this is an opportunity to show to a very, very big audience... what Versace has been, and what Versace is now,’ she explains, in the vid below.

In fact, Donatella is so excited about this project that she wore one of the H&M pieces to take her bow at the end of the menswear show in Milan yesterday. That's dedication to the cause! 

Always on the pulse, the Fash Ed was only saying yesterday how all the coolest kids are wearing vintage Versace shirts, revelling in all their baroque 80s glory. Fashion blog Zone 7 Style has some choice examples of Gianni Versace's finest work:

We can only HOPE that Donatella dusts off those 80s prints like these for the H&M range, which is also set to include homeware for the first time. Can you imagine a bed spread in one of these colour combos? With a bit of chain print edging and maybe a Medusa head or four? FULL. ON.

Images: Versace archive, Zone 7 blog