Crossing the Blues, University of the Nations, Social Work and Education, Shop Clothes Online, Radiology Information Social Work and Education Ladies and gentlemen, here is the weeks' fashion news in brief.

 The US hair craze that is rubbing fishermen up the wrong way.

1. One of the most random stories we have ever come across: Over in the US, a hair accessorizing trend is stripping fisherman supply shops of their fly-fishing stock! A craze for attaching skinny, coloured feathers to your 'do means that hairstylists are buying up hoardes of the 'hackles' to attach to their hair, which is causing a shortage for the fishermen. The men are a tad peeved that fashion fans are interfering with their hobby, although, according to the New York Times, some of them think the look is " kind of sexy, to be honest."

2. Victoria Beckham - whose baby egg timer is due to go off next Tuesday - has given a sneak peak at her new younger, less expensive line, called Victoria by Victoria Beckham (not the most original title, but we'll let her off). Apparently it's inspired by cartoon character Emily the Strange, which is strange in itself because we never had VB down as a graphic novel fan. However the dresses themselves are cute, colourful, and most importantly, cheaper than her usual styles! Look out for the big unveil around Fashion Week.

Victoria by Victoria Beckham: due out Spring 2012. We are calling this one 'pea chic'. LOVE the colour! 

3. Rosie Huntington Whiteley has been on form this week, rocking various stellar dresses at the multitude of Transformers 3 'Dark of the Moon' premieres. Seriously, the girl has been wearing the cream of the fashion crop on a different red carpet every night, and while the reviews indicate that Julia Roberts won't we threatened by Rosie's acting skills any time soon, the girl does look seriously hot.

In Antonio Berardi AW11

In Gucci AW11

In custom Burberry
In Michael Kors.
She's so flawless, it's like having a life size Barbie to look at. Still not sure we'll go to the movie though...

4. There is a minor event going on this afternoon, that involves possibly the biggest superstar of British fashion, her rock n' roll friends, and about 17 marquees by the looks of the paparazzi pictures. Yes indeed, everyone's favourite model/hot mess Kate Moss is finally becoming Mrs Jamie Hince, and has confirmed she will be wearing a Galliano gown. Last night, however, she was a vision in blue at her rehearsal dinner (how very American!). This is Kate at her 70s hippie rock groupie best, and what's ever better, she looks happier than we have ever seen her. Bless!

Kate Moss and her (probably now) husband, Jamie Hince.

5. Lastly, there was possibly only one woman to have a bigger impact than Miss Moss on British fashion, and that was the late Princess Diana, who would have turned 50 today. Weirdly photoshopped magazine covers aside, there has been a flurry of nostalgia for Diana's inimitable style, elegance and grace. And rightly so; she was definitely one of a kind!