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When you feel like everything has changed it is reassuring to see that some things stay the same. This was Paris Hilton bouncing around at Coachella in CA. this past weekend. I promise you this is not from 2006.
I don't have time to dwell on why, but seeing the carefree debauchery from the hundreds of pictures I've viewed from Coachella in the last 24 hours, got me to thinking about one of my favourite quotes from John Updike, one of my preferred authors. This is him on himself, and pretty much sums up the human condition for me today.

"For all my physical handicaps, neurotic symptoms, aberrant thought patterns, and characterological limitations, I think of myself as an amiable, reasonable, interested, generally healthy, sexually normal, dependable, hopeful, fortunate human being. Which goes to show what a vexed thing even a fortunate human being is."

Photos: Thanks to Rex Features.