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Last week saw the launch of the latest 'Gold by Giles Deacon' collection for New Look, and the man himself was at the fashion retailer's HQ to have tea, toast and a chat.

In the studio where the magic happens

(I say this very casually, because uber professionals like the Fash Ed have been meeting designers like Giles for years. I on the other hand, was extremely excited to be in the presence of such greatness!)
Thankfully, Giles Deacon is perhaps the friendliest, most down-to-earth designer working today, and he was more than happy to talk about his future with New Look, that Ungaro job and life as a creative person in 2010.
Here is what Giles had to say...

On the latest Gold by Giles Deacon collection:

"I design for the New Look girl. She is outgoing, individual, and knows her stuff when it comes to fashion. The kind of girl who works hard but then loves getting dressed up and looking great at the weekend. We put as much effort into both the main line and this collection, because they both have their own challenges. I want the New Look collection to be the best that it can be within the constraints set - we spend a long time on the fabric and fit. In fact, we probably do as many fittings for this collection as we do for Giles. I also look at how it works within the rest of the New Look range, trying to make sure it is really, really good.  

The dresses currently in store. 

On whether designer/high street collaborations are helping or damaging the UK fashion industry:

 "They are totally, completely helping. Not just from a business point of view, although the money is an important aspect [Giles is famously honest about the fact that his high street collaboration does help to fund his main line work]. Collaborations are a way of showing another side to your work, but crucially they make good design accessible to all. I firmly believe in the democracy of design. "

On his future with New Look:

"The collections are going from strength to strength and we will definitely be involved over the next two years at least."

The Christmas dresses, for release later in the year.

On the pressure of taking on a third collection, [his forthcoming debut for Ungaro] and managing the workload:

"I am aware of the pressure, but I honestly try not to think about it. I never want to feel stressed or out of control, which is why I am very organised about my work. I have an excellent team who liase between Milan, Paris and my studio here, sorting out the logistics so that I can focus - the more organised everything is, the more creative I can be. I have to set briefs and allocate work and I don't have time for things not to be done -  not that I am a control freak! I have a really good team."

On his first collection for Ungaro:

"It's a big, big range, totally separate from my own.  But we have worked very hard on it. It is always exciting to see how a collection is going to be recieved by the press and the stores, and this is no exception."

Giles graduated in 1992, coincidentally the last time the country was in a major recession. I asked him how he thought the industry has changed, and the advice he would give to those beginning their fashion careers:

"I am fascinated by technological advances, in all aspects of design, not just fashion. It is the new ideas, technology and ways of working that inspire me today, and I am always looking to embrace that.

It was hard, if not harder when I graduated as it is now. But I realised if you want to follow a creative career, in whatever discipline, you have to stick at it and get a solid work ethic in place. It's all about stability, longevity and quality of work. Things will happen, maybe not straight away, but they will, so you have to keep at it. If there is one thing I hate more than anything, it is wasted talent."

And finally, on his dream collaboration:

"Weirdly, I am obsessed with clips of 1970's hot air balloon conventions on the internet. The crazy races where all the balloons are different shapes and colours. I would love to design my own Giles balloon one day."

Now that is a sight we would love to see... 

The current collection is in store now, with special Christmas dresses being added in early November. Items range from £40-£60.


Images: Rex, New Look