It's Friday!

Crossing the Blues, University of the Nations, Social Work and Education, Shop Clothes Online, Radiology Information Social Work and Education Woo hoo! My shoes came this morning and fit like little feet gloves. Plus they are beautiful green, yeay.

Secondly since it's Friday and I have been loving the Slow Loris being tickled which Blog Goggles posted a while back, also to be found on You Tube, I thought you lovely people deserved a very nice slow loris to welcome the weekend in

Image from Cute Overload

Finally a huge thank-you to my followers and readers, for taking the time out to listen and respond to my ramblings. It really does make having a blog very enjoyable and I love hearing from you all. It would be fun if we could have blogging tea parties every now and then as I think they would be most enjoyable. Although no idea how they would work perhaps someone should invent something...

Have a lovely weekend!