Morning thoughts

Crossing the Blues, University of the Nations, Social Work and Education, Shop Clothes Online, Radiology Information Social Work and Education Sitting in bed this morning while eating my breakfast we had the Today programme on Radio 4. This is one of my favourite things, strangely enough, as much as I hate hearing all the bad news I hate even more not to know what's going on. And I enjoy starting my day with breakfast and a rant at the radio. But I digress.

We heard the awful news about the earthquake in Italy and then J turns to me and says:
'What happens if Etna erupts when we're in Sicily?'
me: 'I think we'll be fine we're far enough away'
J: 'Hmm maybe'

Which got me thinking on the way into work, what would we do. Would we escape to the beach and try and find a boat to sail away on. But as far as I know lava flows pretty quickly so might not be ideal approach. Any suggestions?

Oh and I also realise I've probably not said that we're actually going to Sicily. Our first holiday abroad since 2007, these weddings do rather get in the way of spending on holidays! Leaving on the 17th May and I am just so excited to be going to spend time in the sunshine with my husband. Woohoo!