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She was obscure in her career for so long. Not any more. Anna Dello Russo's moment has arrived. And long may she enjoy the fame, fortune - (she is currently inking a perfume deal) - and admiration of both her peers and the world at large.

There is an excellent interview with Anna in this weeks Grazia written by Paula Reed, with a line in it that made me wish for a moment I could give up all other work and just focus solely on my blog.

"I reinvented myself through my blog. Its been slow progress. Through my blog I find I can express myself better than I was ever able to on a magazine. The Internet has freed me."

I like that. Though magazine work is as essential to me as it is to Anna, having a personal blog is, as Anna says below to (via The Cut) about "my own expression."

She goes onto say, "Of course I love Japanese Vogue, but in any case, I was thinking to express myself. I thought, I should really jump in this world and have a voice to really express myself. With magazines, you don’t really express yourself; you express a corporate vision, you express the vision of CondĂ© Nast. It’s not really your point of view. You can’t say in the magazine what you really like, it’s all a very political vision. So I thought, maybe I should spend some time and energy to finally have my little voice, and now it’s happening."

Viva ADR! Buy the new edition of TEN Magazine, with Anna on the cover. It came out yesterday. They're having a party tonight, and ADR is to be the guest of honour.