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So next week, while the Fash Ed goes to New York, we thought we would draft in some replacements to do our work for us.

(Plus, we are both flipping well obsessed with Mad Men. Our love for Betty, Joan, Peggy and of course Don Draper shows no sign of abating, and is beginning to take over all our spare time)

Let us present our Mad Men selves...

Fashion Editor at Large takes her rightful place, in charge at Sterling Cooper Draper Price:

(Then Fashion Editor at Large decided that was not quite right...so did this one which feels much more me than the first....can you tell I'm procrastinating?)

While Fashion Junior hangs out in the secretary pool and desperately attempts to steal Joan Holloway's gold pen necklace...

If only we could really transport ourselves back to 1960s New York! This will have to do for now.

Try it for yourself here. Be warned, you may be about to lose an hour of your working day.