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The other day I style stalked girl in the new upstairs section of Opening Ceremony. She was wearing a pair of black ankle high lace up clog boots with perfect dimensions that looked like just the thing I didn't know I wanted.  Upon enquiring of her their provenance, she said "Number 6," like I was supposed to know what that was. "It's behind Centre" she added somewhat cryptically. 

An angle on No6

Seeing as I was thoroughly disappointed by Opening Ceremony, (will tell more tomorrow) I was delighted there was a shop I had not heard of that already had something I wanted to buy from it. New York stores have had nothing much to offer the fussy Fashion Editor at Large.  I looked up "No6" as it turned out to be called, and visited yesterday, and then brought all my friends back there today. It was the best shopping experience I've had for a long time.

Regular readers of my blog will know I'm not one to stick myself in it all the time, but last night I went to a perfect Mexican restaurant Suenos in an outfit that made me feel so good and fashion fresh I wanted to share it with you. Three of the components are part of my haul from No6.

Shearling lined clog ankle boots, elephant and flower print blouse, Dior sash in my hair, all from No6.

Thats all for now. Now to pack. My flight leaves in 3.5 hours. However, will wax lyrical on my full NYC fashion experience tomorrow. Including my new favourite American fashion chain.

In the meantime, visit No6.

Photos: Fashion Editor at Large