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From exactly one minute in, this is the best graphic visual music video I have ever seen. (Though don't fast forward or you miss Elton playing!) Directed by Hype Williams, the video is inspired by the opening and closing sequences of the French movie Enter the Void, which was released early last year. Critics accuse Kanye and Hype of a total rip-off, and while it is very close to the original, their version is an improvement in my eyes. They say creativity is all about hiding your sources, well Kanye and Hype didn't burrow into the distant past, so what do they expect? Anyway, it's of no matter. This is a thing of beauty. Rihanna is sublime.

For me, watching this on a loop is the perfect palate refresher between London and Milan fashion week. Simply cannot stop watching/listening. Kanye, Elton, Rihanna, even La Roux is in there somewhere. Enjoy.

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