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We have been dedicated worker bees this Fashion Week, and have been getting up early and going home early, in order to ensure we had the energy to keep going, helped along by our Mercedes and driver Nic! However there was one event yesterday that topped of our list of social activities: the Charlotte Olympia cocktail party at Mark's Club in Mayfair, held to present her AW11 collection and the accompanying short film, a glamorous murder mystery starring Portia Freeman.

Not usually being one to frequent exclusive Mayfair members clubs, I was confused at first about the entrance, which appears to be the normal front door of a town house. However, one foot inside, it was clear to see why this typically English, elegant and genteel club was the perfect setting for a Murder Mystery themed soiree. 

 Delicate petit fours were positioned around the sumptuous surroundings, while guests drunk proper tea from proper porcelain and whisky from crystal tumblers. The general atmosphere was one of a decadent yet civilized sophistication. The perfect respite for a group of weary fashionistas!

Shoes and cake, delicious!

Now, on to the serious matter of the shoes. Charlotte Olympia rocks our world - her designs are always incredibly sexy, colourful and fun. Their special platform and gold spiderweb logo sole are instantly recognisable. So I for one was desperate to see what she had in store for AW11. The shoes were dotted about the room, hidden on bookshelves, next to cake stands and - most perfect of all - placed under antique glass bell jars. A befitting protection for shoes that are beautiful enough to be considered works of art.

 Charlotte herself was wearing this delectable pussycat pair.

These Victoriana boots wouldn't look out of place on an Agatha Christie heroine...

 Bruce, Charlotte's porcelain leopard mascot, usually reclines in her shop window, but his face has popped up in the AW11 collection!

 Tinkling the ivories whilst drinking some single malt. A dangerous combination...

 The shoes to surpass all other shoes. Bedazzling crystals in an alluring 1930s design, be still my beating heart. 
We retired to a sitting room for the screening of the short film, which stars Portia Freeman as three different muses, each going to murderous lengths to acquire the crystal shoes. There are sultry close ups and mysterious glances, as women in disguise sneak and trick their way into each other's boudoirs. It's terribly kinky! 

Portia Freeman, Charlotte Dellal's longtime friend and muse

Charlotte, Portia and film director Jam

I caught up with Charlotte, who was looking polished and poised as always, and asked her about the collection. She told me that as usual, she had taken inspiration from fabulous women of the 1930s and 40s, in this case Agatha Christie heroines. Even though, personally, I can't think of a more wonderful pair of shoes than the crystal stunners that star in the film, she finds it impossible to pick a favourite from the shoes she designed, although she leans towards the leopard-face pumps for AW11. Mainly because they are inspired by her shop mascot, the magnificent porcelain leopard named Bruce!

Charlotte's personal favourites.

Stills from the short film show off the amazing detailing...

... well as comedy moments of darkly gothic humour, with a slightly fetish theme

For a dedicated high heel wearer, these are the most glamorous slippers Charlotte could imagine!

Portia is the perfect screen siren to show off Charlotte Olympia's sultry designs. And from a journalistic note, watching this gorgeous three minute wonder is a whole lot more fun than flicking through a lookbook!

Enjoy it for yourself here.

All pictures: FJAL and Charlotte Olympia

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