Neighbours in the city

Crossing the Blues, University of the Nations, Social Work and Education, Shop Clothes Online, Radiology Information Social Work and Education We have new neighbours.

Well semi-neighbours. We live in a Georgian terrace house which has been split into flats with the same either side. We're on the ground floor, our new neighbours are in the basement flat next door.

Our first whiff of them being different was the cigarette smoke which drifted through our bedroom window from the little garden they have. Hmmm, this isn't normal we thought. So we closed the window and carried on as before. But it's hot now and sleeping with the window closed does not lead to good sleeping.

So last night we had the window open, and they were outside with their friends enjoying the summer night. We must have gone to bed about 11.30 ish and I dropped off pretty rapidly, but lightly. At about 1.30am I was woken by our new neighbours still outside chatting and laughing. Normally I would roll over and hope for the best but at 1.30am on a Monday night I thought it perhaps best to say something. So poking my head out of the window I just asked if they could be so kind as to be a little quieter. And all credit to them they were and I slept very well. But now I'm worried that I've upset them, even though I was very nice. I'm not sure what I imagine the repercussions to be but I'm worrying about something I really shouldn't be!

Which led me to thinking about living in London. I absolutely love it but we realised that if you live in central London you will live very close to other people. And people who you will probably never talk to, rarely see and even more rarely know. I'd still like to host some drinks for our 'house' but I'm not sure what the response would be. Do you think I should? What are your neighbours like?