Wifey weekend

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By Friday evening of last week I was the walking sleeping. Work had been mad busy and I was ready for my weekend, so J and I went to our local Vietnamese restaurant and started the weekend with a yummy dinner full of goodness.

Saturday we decided to take a trip to Bicester Village, neither of us had ever been and we thought it would be interesting to go and see it. About an hour out of London by train there's a collection of designer discount stores. On the whole most are messy and have funny lines and sizes. J fared better than me, coming away with two lovely jumpers, while I wandered around looking at things I couldn't afford and ending up with a salt pig and some heat mats. Exciting huh?!

Sunday was an altogether more relaxing day, we went out to Weybridge to spend the afternoon with our friends who live there. Lunch outside, followed by a walk and afternoon tea was perfect and a great way to round off a weekend.

It's been glorious here, sunny and hot, although muggy and close too. It actually feels like summer, which is very exciting!

It's funny though, because even though we live together I love these weekends we spend together doing nice coupley things. We also managed to fit in some chores and cook a great dinner on Saturday evening. But I also really appreciate it because we now have something on every weekend until mid-September, perhaps even early October, so the chance to spend those days together in peace was wonderful, and I shall treasure them until October when hopefully we'll get another weekend like it!

What did you do this weekend? And how do you relax on the weekend?