New Shoes

Crossing the Blues, University of the Nations, Social Work and Education, Shop Clothes Online, Radiology Information Social Work and Education Last week I finally managed to get shoes sorted out for the wedding. After having bought a fabulous Miu Miu pair which were amazing, but far too high, and were returned, I was at a loss of where to look next. So I left it and decided that I could sort it out closer to the time. And how time flew.

So last week I went for a hunt for comfortable black flat shoes that I could wear with my dress and weren't too expensive, not much to ask for then! And I found them....

Here are almost my shoes, mine have red heels instead of the brown heels below.

Shoes are from Kat Maconie

I found them in Poste Mistress and they are also sold in Harvey Nichols and Peter Jones (for you Londoners interested). They have been specially designed to be more comfortable, you can see the padding on the bottom of the shoe above and when I put them on I was really pleased. They fit my big feet, were smart without being over the top and were flat!

So I wore them all Saturday, danced the night away, loved them. And then today I walk into work in them (about a 35 minute walk I do every day) and now my feet hurt and have been rubbed. What to do?! All the same though, I would recommend looking at Kat Maconie's collection, the shoes are lovely and if you're looking for slightly different pumps they are comfy with lovely padded soles. One day though I will find shoes which don't rub...