Nice in Photos Part 1

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The weekend didn't start too well, with a two hour delay at Gatwick, thankfully our friends had a good idea so we spent the majority of the two hours drinking champagne to celebrate holiday, birthdays and late planes! We started on Saturday with breakfast on our friends' terrace, it has gorgeous views out over Nice. Then it was decided to take a stroll round Nice. I love the colour of this house and the style of it and if you look closely enough you might even see the Dalmation disappearing into the window.

The sea was amazingly clear, somehow we ended up not going in but just to gaze at it was enough...

After a lovely lunch, huge salad on my behalf, mound of steak tartare for J we drove up into the hills behind Nice. On the way we passed this rather crazy house... And you can't even see the giant horse statue in this photo.

Up in the hills, we wondered around a beautiful little village, so picturesque in the way only French villages can be. As we drove further into the hills we noticed the clouds getting darker and darker... And so we sat and watched the lightning bounce off the hills and listened to the thunder rolling around. It was amazing, a truly beautiful sight and so peaceful to be sat in the warm watching a storm build and break only a little distance away.

Back to the house for one of my favourite things, an afternoon nap. Then off to Cannes for dinner with some friends of the friends we were staying with. A lovely Italian followed by post dinner drinks at their flat and back to sleep off the excitement of the day!
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