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Posted by the Fashion Junior at Large

Fashion Junior at Large was flying solo at the Urban Outfitters press day this afternoon, as Fashion Editor at Large was super busy with other important and exciting projects.

I utterly heart Urban Outfitters, and these are the top ten pieces I saw today

I thought I was the only one in the market for bumbags, but Fashion Editor at Large quite fancies this one as well.

Seems a shame to hide this set away under clothing doesn't it? Might not have to though if the underwear as outwear trend continues to gather momentum.

Sheer, simple, pretty - the perfect canvas for some creative inter-seasonal layering no?

Leather shorts are the absolute number one on my spring shopping list, and these tailored ones are definitely hitting the spot.

Umm, AMAZING! French brand Shourouk was created by a former Lanvin jewellery designer, which pretty much says it all.

Loving the bare shoulder effect on this Surface to Air number. Tees with a twist are always a winner.

Wonderful Acne always manage to make the most plain designs lovable. The wide neck line gives it a little something as well.

Plaid shirt from Wrangler - the authentic cowboy brand according to Ms Fashion Editor at Large. It couldn't be any cooler really.

Revamped Cheap Monday jeans with mesh panelling (left), and leather inserts (right). Very special indeed.

Note to self: don't cancel the gym membership yet. Crop-tops ain't goin' nowhere.

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