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I love Visionaire. Have loved it since day one. I even own a couple. I have the one with a scrap of Madonna's dress in it, which was curated by Mario Testino, but I CANNOT FIND IT! I just looked through my entire bookcase (essentially a room of my house) and it's not there.  I have a storage nook at the flat I rent out, so I'm heading down there later to rummage. Luckily, my Visionaire with the Diana Vreeland Memos is in place on my shelf. DV is one of my all time heroines. I have read her autobiography ten times; even seen the play of it. And her Memo's are inspirational, not to mention her book Allure which can give me back my fashion editor at large mojo when I feel depleted. ANYWAY. A friend of mine in New York alerted me to the new Visionaire 2010 which is an electronic calendar with 52 curators selecting one artists' work for each day of the year. Some of the curators are Natalie Portman, James Franco, Mary-Kate Olsen and Marc Jacobs. I love it, and want it. It would be the most perfect Christmas present to self, and when this blog launches all proper like in January with an office, and our very own email addresses on Visionaire 2010 will be the perfect desk accessory.
For any like minded readers NOW is the time to make your order, especially if you live in the UK, as delivery times are three to six weeks, so I am ordering mine today from

I'm pretty happy knowing my Vreeland Memos Visionaire is safe and well and living on my bookshelf!

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