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Posted by the Fashion Junior at Large

So, as you may have guessed from previous posts, much of our time recently has been occupied with attending press days. There has been a great deal of cooing, and LOTS to absorb, mentally compartmentalise and digest.

One trend we noted is tropical birds – camp flamingo pendants and parrot motifs etc (Liberty went all out and had an actual parrot at their press day. How can you not love that?). It’s all very flamboyant – quite the opposite to the current preoccupation with the fiercer side of wildlife. I don’t know if it’s the increasingly cold weather or the fact that I’m broke perhaps, but I’m loving all the stags, tigers, wolfs, foxes, panthers, and anything else fighty and bitey swarming retail at the mo. I am Fashion Junior at Large, hear me ROARRRRR!

 Stella McCartney, £185

 Christopher Kane, £210

John Hardy, £300

ASOS, £30

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