Argentina - Patagonia 1

Crossing the Blues, University of the Nations, Social Work and Education, Shop Clothes Online, Radiology Information Social Work and Education The above photo was taken from the top of a long climb, looking towards the Andes over the Patagonian Esteppa. We did this on New Years day, quite the way to get rid of any fuggyness you might have left over!

It's quite spectacular here, vast open landscapes, huge mountains, bright green trees, clear blue rivers and lots of nature. Hard to describe and even harder to capture in a photo.
Today we leave Bariloche, we've had lots of fun here, hiking, horseriding, boat trips and cycling. Plus lots of good dinners and great wines. We're heading further South, where it'll be colder. Not quite as cold as the UK at the moment but colder all the same. And also the days will be longer. One of those things we've been loving the most is the length of the days. It's odd to think that when we get back it'll get dark so early.
Anyhow, we'll be heading off for our flight soon so I shall keep this brief. Lots more to tell you about and lots more to do in the next few days we're still here!

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