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Thankyou to FOX TV, E4, and Golden Globe award winning GLEE who have provided the highlight of my weekend, a meditation on the triumph of Geeks in contemporary society and this hilariously brilliant cover of Kanye West's Gold Digger by the cast of Glee.

A small aside, but an important one. In today's popular culture being an outsider is celebrated. Not like when I was a teenager in the late eighties when being an outsider was a pretty lonely place. (No Internet just yet to connect with like-minded weirdo's and feel relatively normal). We have come a long way since then, and that makes me pretty glad for todays teenagers. Today Geeks rule the world (and they deserve the capital letter!). Look at Bill Gates (Microsoft), Larry Page or Sergey Brin  (cofounders, Google) then look at every cool boy around. Does he wear geeky specs and dress a "bit nerdy"? Yes? Of course he does - this is the most stylish look for men now because Geeks rule the world. Even the male lead of Avatar is an outsider because he is disabled. Not your average hero. A quick glance at the menswear shows taking place now in Milan and the fashion editors attending, demonstrate Geek power.

Yesterday I tuned in to watch my two Sky plussed episodes of Glee (which last night - Sunday 17th January - won a Golden Globe for best TV comedy/musical), the new American import about the geeks, outsiders, physcially impaired and outside-the-box thinkers at a high school who join what seems to be a US stalwart - the Glee Club. I think a Glee Club is a singing and dancing group that enters competitions to beat all the other local High Schools (excuse my ignorance on the matter, and correct me if I am wrong.)

I haven't had so much fun and laughed so much watching a TV show for a long time. I have now watched the first two episodes twice over, reserving particular unbridled pleasure in the Kanye Gold Digger cover above, which has had up to five viewings as of right now. I can't wait for tomorrow night (Monday 18th January) for the next episode.

PS. Watched episode THREE last night (18th Jan) and it was sooo good all three of us watching shouted "NO!" when it finished.

girls in prada aw10 pre-collection...has Mrs Prada been watching Glee too?

Rachel from Glee would look amazing in each of these ensembles. I'm in love with the pink sweater and the patterned trousers.

guys in super geeky gear saunter AW10 runway

Bottega Veneta, AW10

Burberry Prorsum, AW10

C.P Company, AW10

Roberto Cavalli, AW10

Dolce Gabbana, AW10

Prada mens had a 90's moment. They played Shakespeare's Sister as a runway sound-track.
Prada, AW10

Prada, AW10

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