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As the proper media launch date of the Fashion Editor at Large blog grows tantalisingly imminent I thought perhaps it was time that the Fashion Junior at Large was unveiled and introduced. My name is Esme Benjamin, and I am a compulsive writer and lifelong fashion fan. A typically broke mid-twenties graduate, I live in east London with a shoe designer, a graphic designer, a film editor, and two advertising creative’s. All of my housemates are boys, one of them is my boyfriend Sid, and as a group they have styled themselves as The Lorden Art Factory – a collective who, when they aren’t doing artsy stuff for their respective occupations, are doing more artsy stuff as a hobby and tongue-in-cheek money spinning project. I will keep you up to date with their deeds as and when. If you’re wondering how I ended up here, let me assure you it hasn’t been a fast or simple route.

1. A hard earned distinction in Fashion Journalism from University of the Arts.
2. An internship at NYLON magazine (AKA a reason to go to New York which was more acceptable to my parents than shopping, eating and getting drunk in Williamsburg).
3. Eating waffles drowning in molten chocolate on an all expenses paid press trip to Brussels.
4. Being photographed for the final of Grazia’s street style competition
5. Working with the Fashion Editor at Large after much determined harassment on my part.
6. Managing to blag a front row seat at my very first London Fashion Week show (don’t ask me how!).

1. Picking up the poop of NYLON’s office Shar Peis
2. Fetching Diet Coke for an editor at In Style who insisted on calling me ‘Elsie’ no matter how many times I tried to tell her it was ESME!
3. Not getting paid for my first freelance writing job in London (interviews with V V Brown and Fred Butler) because the magazine went bust.
4. Assisting on a shoot with a size 8 model who was considered by the stylist to have ‘chunky legs’
5. Being downgraded to a standing ticket at my second ever London Fashion Week (oh the shame!)

So that’s me - the Robin to Fashion Editor at Large’s Batman. Her right hand girl. I hope my perspective as a 24 year old who is undergoing a baptism of fire into the fashion world will offer readers a contrast whilst complimenting Fashion Editor at Large as a respected and established name. Let the journey commence!

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