Feeling haunted by London Fashion Week?

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The artist and fashion designer Julie Verhoeven has an exhibition of new work in Amsterdam opening tomorrow night. I just wanted to share the image she has sent out as a save the date. It has kind of got to me. Usually her work is so colourful. Without the colour the girlish faces she draws are haunting. I like being haunted on a Thursday morning. I wonder if that is how all the London fashion week designers are feeling today as the eight day countdown to the biggest LFW ever ticks on and on and on. Spoke to Meadham Kirchoff yesterday and they sounded a bit haunted! Maybe because they have just heard Anna Wintour is attending their show....
Julie Verhoeven 'Feathers up my Arse'
11 September - 17 October'
Gerard Doustraat 1541073 VX