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'There is no excuse for double denim. I wouldn't care if there was a law saying that everyone should work the matchy-matchy look; this does not mean you should start dressing like a rock band from Estonia in the 80s. "Matchy-matchy" refers to matching colours, not matching fabrics. Key point. Another key point is that just because a couple of designers promote a look does not mean it is good – and certainly not, contrary to what some magazines might say, "essential". Why in the name of all that is sane and obvious do you want to do the double denim look anyway? Do you think it looks good? Do you own a mirror?' - Hadley Freeman (Guardian)

'Nuff said Hadley - the return of double denim has blind-sided us both. But I think I've discovered a scapegoat to shoulder the blame. Who saw Vogue's Alexa cover issue this month?:


You can't really get the full effect from this angle. I know Alexa is the face of Pepe Jeans and recently designed a range for American denim label Madewell (which is pretty good - credit where it's due) but I think giving her contributing editor status and letting her pen a love letter to double denim is maybe taking things too far. Meanwhile French Vogue printed this:

A four page spread of double denim. And in February's issue of American Vogue...

Same story. This really is the worst example of double denim ever! On no wait...

Unique SS10 - My eyes! It burns!

There are some things I wore as a 90s child which I thought had been banished to fashion's Room 101 forever, and for the greater good. I was mistaken. Floral leginggs, Doc Martens, and belly tops anyone?

When I was nine my friends and I banded together to form the aptly named Denim Club. You can probably guess what our club rules were; members must wear head to toe denim each and every day. How, I wonder, could my mother allow me out of the house? I blame her. 

Anyway, not only is double denim a trend for summer, pictures filtering through from NY fashion week seem to be indicating its popularity will continue into next season.

Mulberry AW10

I try never to say never when it comes to fashion so perhaps I'll set myself a little challenge. One day this London Fashion Week I will attempt double denim and post a pic on the FEAL blog for your judgment. Wish me luck!


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