Friday has been a long time coming...

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So here is a little dog with the sorts of eyes I get when I see cakes like this! It has been a long week, I've had a programme running so have been in and out of the office and up early every day. I don't cope very well with early mornings, especially when it's every morning!

I am also not enjoying the cold or my ability to eat a lot and then feel horrid. I know I should just reduce my portion size, I think about it and then go ahead and eat it all anyway. So I shall try and slowly change my mind to resist what's on my plate and hopefully have a happy tummy and a happier me.

It's looking like it's going to be a busy next few days for me from here on in, lots to do this weekend and lots to do every day next week.

Sorry for the slightly morose nature of this post. Onwards and upwards next week! Have lovely weekend's and valentine's days.

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