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Doesn't it feel as if we’re living in a world which bares more than a passing resemblance to Blade Runner / Minority Report / one of those other sci-fi films in which technology is disarmingly advanced? 2010 is apparently the future - even our magazines are coming to life for goodness’ sake!

Last summer Dazed and Confused stuck a pair of cardboard glasses to the cover (you know the kind - one red lens, one green lens. Seriously retro 3D eyewear) and proclaimed that inside lay ‘Fashion That Touches You!’

Nicola Formichetti styled Marios Schwab’s AW09 3D inspired collection, and the shoot jumped right off the page. But even that seems old hat compared to this week’s pioneering issue of Grazia - the 'walk-in talking' issue.

Hot on the heels of trendsetting POP Magazine, team Grazia wanted to be the first women's glossy to employ Augmented Reality - technology that allows the consumer to interact with virtual content. Readers can use their web-cam (or iPhone) to scan the black and white icons and bring the features to life.

Florence Welch serenades us, the Fashion Chart rotates, and the fashion editors give us the low down on their picks for the season ahead. We can even switch them and twirl them to our hearts delight with a mere movement of our hand - as I am with the lovely Charlie Miller below.

Very fun and original. Bravo Grazia, bravo!

The incredible Augmented Reality issue of POP is also out now.

 It's bound to be a collector's item in a few years time!

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