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I have been thinking of getting a new perfume. For years I have worn Coco Chanel Mademoiselle and I still love it, it feels like me when I smell it and I love that with a little splash in the morning it's still there (just) in the evening. But I think it's time for a change, I'm growing up and want a different scent with which to mark my trail.

So I currently have three contenders (I think) which are as follows:

The 'upgrade' to Coco Chanel. A fragrance I am growing to love. I tried it on before getting on the plane yesterday and enjoyed smelling it throughout the airport and on the flight, plus I love Chanel bottles and fragrances in general.
Ormonde Woman - A fragrance I have heard much about, especially from the very knowledgable Rose and Mrs Trefusis but one which I am yet to smell. I just loved the way they described this scent so I feel I really must try and see if I do like it enough to wear it.

Prada - L'eau Ambree, yummy, heady, musky warm scent. Again I tried this recently and do very much like it. I have liked other Prada perfums before and this one is a winner again. Perhaps a little too much as an evening scent but there was another Prada one which was lighter for daytime I was thinking of.

What are your thoughts? Do you have a signature scent? Can you imagine any of these scents working on me? Do they suit how you imagine me? Tricky I know but I thought I'd ask all the same!

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