Quilting - Part 1, half way through

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Yesterday I dragged J into central London with me to try and find some fabrics and equipment for making a quilt. As I mentioned a little while back I have decided to try and make two quilts for my new nephews/nieces who are due later this year. After a fruitless search around Soho we headed off to John Lewis and ended up in Liberty. Here I found a treasure trove of quilting paraphenalia all ready to spend too much money on and attempt to make something vaguely quilted. Above is the haul I bought home. With a reel of V&A for Liberty printed fabrics with some great patterned fabrics.

So I set to, measuring, cutting and then hand sewing my squares together. I don't have a sewing machine so needle and thread was the only way forward... And below is my first attempt at quilt number 1! The patterned squares are both the V&A design fabric.

Now I need to purchase the backing and wadding and put it all together to make a finished quilt, hence only being halfway through. And of course to make the next one...

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