Fashion Frisson # 2 MCQUEEN'S FINALE

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The moment I set eyes on this incredible jacket/dress/coat at the iconsolably sad McQueen presentation in Paris last March, I needed it in my life.  Not just because it is beautiful and incredible and wearable and an heirloom, but also because, to me, it totally encapsulates Lee's romantic genius as a designer in its simplest and most direct form.

Trying to make the most of being in London this month (even though the weather is beyond dreary) I attended the McQueen boutique on Old Bond Street this lunchtime After being looked at strangely and then ignored by one shop assistant I managed to gain the attention of the manager and asked her if I could view this piece.

"Oh! Mademoiselle, what size are you?" asked the beautiful blonde, before we decided I was a McQueen size 42. "Oh!" she said again, making me feel something was terribly wrong. "You might not be able to get this. The waiting list is oversubscribed already."

Meaning? "Well, the item is arriving in mid-September, but the waiting list is long, please write your name and number down." Taking this to mean my name might come up if I'm lucky I put my name down. Then, as an afterthought, I asked the price. "£6,600," she said.

I am still in shock. But, oddly, the price has not put me off.  I still want the item. If my name comes up on the list perhaps I could buy a share in one??

Hmmm. Will ponder.