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Rather love this Miu Miu AW10 campiagn film above. The "girls in a photo-booth" fashion film was apparently directed by Madonna who "just popped into the studio" [Grazia Daily] and took over the proceedings from the photographers of the campiagn, Mert & Marcus.. Sounds like her to take over. But could it really have happened like that?? Mert & Marcus like to be in control as much as she does... I smell a publicity conspiracy! And a good one at that! The film is cute and good too.


ANYWAY. What I enjoyed as much, if not more that the Miu Miu film is the soundtrack to it. The music is a remix of Boy George's brilliant Generations of Love track from his 1990 album The Martyr Mantra. In fact Madonna has cited this album in several interviews, saying she loves it.

Being a life-long Boy George fan I have to say Madonna is spot on. This song and the album it came from is one of his finest hours. And just look how beautiful he was in 1990.