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Meet Daxita. This woman changed the dimensions of my face for me last weekend. It took her an hour.  Upon leaving her room in the basement of the busy and award-winning hair and beauty salon Atherton & Cox in central London, my best friend over from San Francisco said  "girl, you've gotta get this done all the time, you look haaawwt."
 Daxita Vaghela - "the Eyelash Angel"

How did Daxita change my face? She applied lush eyelash extensions to my short, straight and unremarkable lashes. A few friends of mine had them, and instead of noticing the extensions, the impression was of a remarkably healthy, bright eyed, groomed and, crucially, younger and more dewy friend.  After much slitting of eyes in the "go on, admit you've had Botox" variety, they told me about Daxita. Well, reader, I was on the phone to her salon in seconds. 

What happened in her "second on the right" room, was that I lay down and closed my eyes. Then Daxita put Indian trance music on the iPod and began. Deftly, speedily and oh-so-gently she set about sticking individual synthetic hairs, (you can see them below), onto my individual lashes.

Daxita uses one tweezer to isolate a lash, the other to pick up the synthetic lash, dip the end in black glue and apply it, thus extending said lash.

There are three lash-style options. "Disco" are obviously party lashes, longer at the outer edge in the manner of Jessica Rabbit. "Natural" are an uber version of a natural set of lashes; thick, long and glossy, but not at alll fancy and could, if you were really blessed, be real.
I went for a cross between the two; what Daxita calls the "Beautiful" look.

"I'm using three lengths of lashes, 9mm, 11mm, and 14mm to create lashes that enhance your eye shape, and create a long lash which curl at the end for a dramatic look," she told me while my eyes were shut tight.
Who was I to argue? Following the extensions, Daxita threaded my eyebrows teasing a shape from them I didn't think possible.
Looking a bit naked around the eyes

"You're looking well, Melanie...what have you done?"

Not quite ready for my close-up, but just focus on the divine lashes, OK?

What makes Daxita so amazing is that she has the eye of an artist, and is able to instinctively bring out the best in an individuals face. It is no wonder that she is fast becoming Londons go-to girl for all matters lash. I cannot recomend her highly enough.  

Daxita can be found at Atherton and Cox
Daxita Lashes – Full Set (60mins) £150, Half Set (45mins) £95, Maintenance (30mins) £45, Lashes Removal (15mins) £15
Daxita Brow Threading - £30

The procedure is not cheap hence you want the lashes to last at least three to four weeks.
In order for that to happen, you need NOT to rub your eyes, (which you will want to do in the first couple of days) not let your lashes get terribly wet in the shower, and avoid rubbing your eyes with a towel.
Vigorous rubbing etc can dislodge them, and when one or two go, lash watching can become a bit obsessive.
Thats all!