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I promised I would post a picture of me in my Sophia Kokosalaki dress (look 20 AW09), and who better to pose with for it than the fab Ms Kokosalaski herself. Sophia is such an amazing designer, and Caren Downie of ASOS.com, Harriet Quick of Vogue and Bridget Cosgrave of Matches all looked sensational in their Sophia K. Sorry for the grainy quality of the picture, but Sarah Mower took this shot and I think I had the camera on the wrong settings!!! Thanks though Sarah.  It was an eventful evening (see winners list on the fabulous GraziaDaily).

My toe is still throbbing from when Mandi Lennard accidentally stepped back on it wearing spike heeled Lanvin boots while taking the below photo of Victoria Beckham and her friend and protector Natalie Lewis. But the distant throb in my foot - I'm calling it my toe hangover - is as nothing compared to what Karen Elson will be feeling this morning.

The delectable supermodel flown in from Nashville to present Grace Coddington with her Isabella Blow Award for Fashion Creator actually fell off the stage in the process of walking onto it. A drop of about seven feet. It was such a shocking moment, the noise of 1000 or so people clattering and chattering stilled to silence as we all imaginged the next award would go to an unsuspecting Paramedic. But she picked herself up to a standing ovation and later it was confirmed following a visit to St Thomas's hospital that she has a sprained thumb.

Get well soon Karen. Oh and by the way she was truly the most beautiful woman present last night. Eva H, Claudia S and Kate Mossy were all there but Karen was beyond radiant. After seeing her I want to wear a red dress!

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Picture credits:
Melanie Rickey & Sophia Kokosalalki: Fashion Editor at Large
Victoria Beckham and Natalie Lewis: Mandi Lennard
Karen Elson: Dave Bennett