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1. What I'm going to wear tomorrrow night to the British Fashion Awards. I think it will be this by Sophia Kokosalaki:

I love it. It is so chic. But I'm in a quandry about showing skin. I think I have to. Skin is sexy. My g/f thinks black tights will be chic.

2) It's been over a week since my last confession... I mean blog. When one does have an untended blog growing virtual tumbleweed in the blogosphere, it is a stressful feeling. Especially when there are plentiful stories and posts to share and no time to release them. So now a stack of ideas filling two pages in my "Fashion Editor at Large" notebook are queueing up to depart my mind like buses waiting to leave a garage.

The reason for this long blank is that I have not yet mastered how to fulfil multitude journalistic commitments to Grazia and others while also blogging. The pre-xmas rush is always as stressful as it gets - talk about cortisol overdose, or in my case my cortisol stash is fast depleting. In the last week I have completed the Best Dressed 2009 tome for G's mega-stacked double-issue published on the 22nd December. I love doing the best dressed list, it is extremely intense and detailed but also fascinating how what we look for in a fashion icon changes so much in the space of a year. I think you will be blown away by our choices and omissions.

Clearly by the time January comes along and my new logo/ blog design are up and running, my special blog email address is delivering what I need, and the fashion junior at large and me are in place at our new office this kind of behaviour will be TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. In the spirit of us still being limey amateurs and newbies to the scene, I'm even letting the ridiculously beautiful Fashion Junior at Large swan off for the next three days on a modelling job with Rankin, but of course I made her promise to blog daily to share her experiences.