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We all adore fashion photography, myself and the Fashion Editor at Large are obsessed - we are currently toying with the idea of being Number One Fans and heading to Selfridges today at 5pm to get Nick Knight to sign his latest book for us. But on another note, lately I have developed a new fixation on fashion illustration. Possibly because, once upon a time, I used to draw and write in equal measure. Then, when I was about 16, the journalist in me came to the fore and I haven't so much as looked at a pencil since.

Anyway, this revival of my interest in fashion drawing was piqued whilst watching a friend of mine put her under-graduate design portfolio together - complete with disgustingly gorgeous and detailed sketches of her graduate fashion collection. This has lead to my somewhat belated discovery of London bred illustrator Blue Logan, the nephew of Andrew "Miss World" Logan!!

Mr Logan an ex-model (who the Fashion Editor at Large met, on the very day he was photographed on above at the Red Bull Fashion Factory) just finished exhibiting at Art Basel in Miami. Go Blue!

I want these fashion playing cards on my bedroom wall. Like now. Please?

The PPQ Crowd. Loving Pixie's heart framed glasses.

 A portrait of Diane Pernet clad in trademark black.

Blue Logan portrait with thanks to